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Serving the Central Valley for over 45 years.

About George Karkazian

 George began as a diamond cutter, but enjoyed the mechanics of how watches work, thus leading him to the Swiss Horological Institute in Beirut. 

After graduating from the Swiss Horological Institute  in 1971, George opened his own watch and jewelry store in Beirut. This all happened when George was only 21! 

In 1976, George moved to Santa Monica where he worked for a friend for about a year. After that, he moved to Fresno & opened his very first store on West & Shields.  Soon after he opened a store on Shaw and Willow, and in February 2009, moved to the present location in Clovis on Shaw Ave. between Peach and Willow.  

While living in Fresno, George met his wife Susie, and the two connected instantly and have been together since 1982. Susie was an English teacher until she had children, and now works with George along with his two daughters.

George has also taken many classes that certify him in high grade watches & jewelry at Fresno State as well as many classes through companies like Seiko, Bulova, Citizen, Swiss watches and more.

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